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We specialize in Visual Merchandising / Window Dressing and Event styling within the GTA (Ontario, CA). Providing design concepts that are unique, eye catching & budget sensible. We strive to bring beauty and create captivating designs that are memorable and enticing to the desired audiences.
Available for commissioned work in designing/developing better window displays in order to highlight your business’ image and increase traffic.
We also carry a line of various products, including unique pieces of visual art, already completed or on commission.

    Broken Sons - It's Not My Fault - YouTube →

    Check it out - Broken Sons “It’s Not My Fault” is finally out!

    Styling by Eszter Czibok Designs

    — 1 week ago
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    A little birthday celebration for my hubby

    — 2 months ago
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    This latest window of Dessa’s was inspired by the resurgent trend of artificial florals and of course the season. Artificial flowers and plants have come a long way from your grandma’s Kitsch flower arrangements of the 70s-80s. They have a whole new life like look to them now. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with them nowadays. Bowring has a line of artificial florals that are a good price point and are stunning in appearance, if you’re interested in trying some for yourself but not breaking the bank. There are a number of online stores that sell them now, ranging from silk to paper. Or you can always try your hand at making your own -  there are a plethora of online DIYs now a days. We live in a fortunate age for decorative items. Hunting for props is not like it used to be in the 80s. As it still stands though, here in Canada is probably the hardest to come by unless you order from the US and even then they don’t always deliver to CAN. So here it is….Dessa’s summer window. Enjoy!

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    The Staff behind ECD at The Doctor’s House in Kleinberg, ON

    — 2 months ago
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    Sarah Jean & Domenic Spaziani Wedding at The Doctor’s House in Kleinberg, ON; July 11th, 2014

    — 2 months ago
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    New chair for this year’s YMCA’s strong kids foundation.

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    I haven’t done Andrew Kyle McGregor’s window in a while, but he had contacted me to maybe get something up for the spring. Andrew’s shop The Hermit’s Lamp has products which already have a wealth of graphics and a lot going on. So I tried to thing of something more neutral but still stunning enough to draw people’s attention to the store and the products he carries. The Lamp is now at a new location - this white paper floral cascade was a good welcome to his new location, just a bit north of where he was before on Vaughan.

    — 5 months ago with 2 notes
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    You unfortunately can’t tell as well in these photos but the product to be displayed was this coral pink with a melange of other light pastel hues. So I came up with this cherry blossom window - it being blossom season in several cities right now, it seemed very fitting. And has gotten a good number of compliments. The color pallet being a huge contribution to it’s over effect.

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    Spring Porch -  2014

    This was set up before the sub zero temperature came back out of nowhere, and snowed down on us. My Hydrangeas didn’t survive. 

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    Ideas for posters, album covers or other commercial use

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    ECD’s Styling on set of Broken Sons’ music video shoot

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    Dessa Spring intro: We were coming into spring (finally) and needed a change. Something simple enough that wouldn’t require a lot of supplementary production/ studio time. We figured Chinese lanterns have enough of an interesting aesthetic to them when grouped. This was the result.

    — 6 months ago with 5 notes
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